PROCE55 functionality can be easily adapted to customer processes. It is implemented according to customer´s needs, allowing for immediate usability and continuous improvements.

PROCE55 Warehouse application is used to automate logistics and related processes.

It is easy to integrate with ERP systems, equipment and technologies and is an integral part of other PROCE55 Applications.

PROCE55 Warehouse optimally complements the functionality not covered by ERP systems. It also enables the ERP functionality which is not useable in its default implementation.

Pre-configured PROCE55 Warehouse processes

  • Supplier Portal (including delivery scheduling)
  • Goods receipt (including EDI integration, quality control)
  • WMS - Warehouse management system (including integration of automatic loading systems)
  • External and consignment stocks
  • Material movement control based on the barcodes / RFIDs
  • Goods issue to production (including Kanban)
  • Receipt from production
  • Picking


  • Shipment (including printing of selected documents)
  • JIT / JIS (Just-in-Time / Just-in-Sequence) scenarios
  • Traceability / Genealogy
  • Inventory count
  • Packaging management (including containers / pallets)
  • Waste Management

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