Control your processes in the on-line and in the off-line mode. Reliably and safely.

PROCE55 Mobile extends the functionality of PROCE55 to mobile devices (PDA, tablets, smartphones, etc.).

To control the process at certain stages often have to use different devices - mobile terminals for elementary warehouse operations, smartphones input melds and PC for more complex operations that require a larger screen – e.g. the planning and management of warehouses.

PROCE55 allows you to control end-to-end process through multiple devices synchronously. Screens and controls are optimized for use on these devices and according to customer needs.

Mobile solution PROCE55 enables mobile applications to control processes in back-end ERP.

These applications are capable of working in off-line mode (without connection to the internet or ERP). PROCE55 applications on a mobile device may use its own database capable of storing transaction data) for mode without signal. In this situation, data are stored on the mobile device and then synchronized with the back-end system when the connection is renewed.

All existing capabilities of PROCE55 can be utilized for the purpose of integration with the standard and non-standard ERP systems. PROCE55 Mobile brings the ability to operate business from anywhere at any time. Wireless data collection and transfer offer decisive advantages in handling end-to-end material flows, transportation, logistics, distribution, production, services and others.