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may 2018
Change of address of East-Gate Automation s.r.o., IČ 247 69 053
july 2017

Dear business partners, We would like to take this opportunity to announce that with effect from July 25, 2017 our company East-Gate Automation s.r.o. ...

has a new address. From 25st July 2017 the new address of the company is: East-Gate Automation, s.r.o., Nádražní 344/23, Regus Zlatý Anděl, 150 00 Praha 5 – Smíchov. Please note that other company details are not changing (IČ, bank account numbers, phone and email contacts). From July 25, 2017 please direct all written communication to our new address. If you are one of our suppliers, please ensure that you change the address on all your invoices. Thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to our further cooperation.
East-Gate is the main partner of the Logistics Forum
september 2016

East-Gate has become the main partner of the Logistics Forum organized by IPA Slovakia. The event will be held on 20th of September 2016...

in Chateau Gbeľany near Žilina and East-Gate will have its own stand there. In case you wish to attend the Logistics Forum, please register at To obtain the 20% discount, use the following discount code: EastGate. For more information, visit
Shop-floor processes at Coavis automated with PROCE55
september 2016

Coavis Slovakia Hlohovec, subsidiary of a Korean group, one of the world's largest producers of fuel pumps, have begun a productive use of PROCE55...

Applications for automating shop-floor processes during this summer. The project covers processes of logistics (WMS Kanban, traceability), manufacturing (production confirmation, machine data collection, OEE, production visualization) and maintenance, using bar code control as well. Currently, production planning/scheduling and PROCE55 integration with corporate ERP system JD Edwards is being implemented.
PROCE55 MES in Malaysia
september 2016

Considering the expected production growth, the Japanese TDK group decided to implement PROCE55 MES from East-Gate also in the production plant in Malaysia. It is based on a positive...

experience with PROCE55 MES in production plants in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, China, Indonesia and Brazil. These plants belong to EPCOS division, a manufacturer of electronic components. Among other things, PROCE55 MES at EPCOS supports mainly core business processes – production, while extending the functionality of the standard SAP ERP system. TDK uses a central SAP system for all plants globally, still not covering all the detailed and specific production needs of individual plants and production lines connectivity. In this case, PROCE55 based applications offer an advantage solving this problem.
Mobile maintenance application helps Škoda Auto to increase the number of produced cars
May 2016

Škoda Auto have started productive use of mobile maintenance application (AMU) based on PROCE55.

PROCE55 mobile application running on tablets of maintenance workers has shortened the troubleshooting times, it allows maintenance operators unlimited work during the period when the SAP system is unavailable with mobile on-line access to the maintenance documentation. This allowed to substantially increase the maintenance productivity and availability of production facilities. The solution is closely integrated with SAP and PM module. Since the beginning of 2016 AMU has been successfully deployed into production in two plants (welding operations Kvasiny and engine production Mladá Boleslav). The roll-out to other plants is being prepared as well.
East-Gate has released PROCE55 Mobile
May 2016

Forget the lengthy coding. Mobilize your business processes with PROCE55® Mobile from East-Gate® in a fraction of the usual time! East-Gate has released PROCE55 Mobile, the integrated

software environment enabling creation of mobile processes which can access the data and control the transactions in back-end systems. It can be used for mobilization of business-critical processes with seamless integration with professional Enterprise Information Systems like SAP®. You can find more info on
East-Gate is the main partner of the Practical Maintenance Forum
February 2016

After the Production Management conference, East-Gate has become the main partner of the Practical Maintenance Forum organized by IPA

Slovakia. The event will be held on 16th-17th of March 2016 in Trnava and East-Gate will have its own stand there. Part of the event is an excursion to Johns Manville Slovakia or ZF Slovakia manufacturing plants. In case you wish to attend the Practical Maintenance Forum, please register at To obtain the 35% discount, use the following discount code: fpu6df. For more information, visit
Nobel Automotive implements PROCE55 into production
February 2016

Nobel Automotive Slovakia manufacturing plant in Dolný Kubín decided to implement the production monitoring (OEE and quality monitoring)

with the help of PROCE55 application from East-Gate. Slovak plant specializes in shaping and assembly of fuel lines, brake boosters and coolant lines. The pilot project will be implemented on three production lines with a planned expansion to other lines. Nobel Automotive is a supplier to carmakers such as PSA, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Renault, Dacia, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Nissan, Ford, and Jaguar. It has nine manufacturing plants in Europe, Asia and America. Nobel Automotive Group was formed after Orhan Holding bought the particular Dana Corporation division. The ERP system in use is the SAP.
Fatra uses PROCE55 Mobile Quality
January 2016

At the end of the last year Fatra a.s. started to use mobile solutions for quality assurance and stocktaking in productive operation with the help of PROCE55 Mobile Quality and PROCE55

Inventory applications. Data collection for quality assurance in the manufacturing process, including in-process measurement of parameters, allows Fatra to ensure the required quality. Mobile stocktaking uses barcodes to accelerate the inventory process. PROCE55 in Fatra is also used for production scheduling, MES, WMS, OEE, material balance and traceability. Maintenance management system is at the implementation stage. PROCE55 applications are used in factories in Napajedla and Chropyně. Solutions are integrated with the SAP.
Coavis will control their shop-floor using PROCE55
November 2015

Korean manufacturer of hi-tech products for the automotive industry chose PROCE55 applications for automating processes in production and logistics.

The solution will cover planning and production control, production confirmation, machine data collection, OEE measurement, production visualization, controlled warehouses, traceability, maintenance, and quality assurance. Coavis is a fast-growing company with unique patents supplying several global automakers such as GM. Coavis will be using PROCE55 in the Hlohovec plant, producing fuel pumps. The solution will be integrated in the first phase with ERP Helios, later with the Oracle JD Edwards corporate system. The system Integrator of the project is the Become company.
TDK implements PROCE55 in Brazil
October 2015

Japanese group TDK decided to implement PROCE55 Manufacturing in its Brazilian plant, which is based in Gravataí (Porto Alegre). In this plant they produce electronic components,

mainly capacitors for automotive industry, industrial electronics, power generation, as well as for household appliances and lighting. In the first phase of the project, PROCE55 automates the process of production confirmation. The solution is seamlessly integrated with SAP. After the successful implementation in Europe (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia) and Asia (China, Indonesia), the PROCE55 solution is rolled out to another continent.
Miele takes part in the Practical Logistics Forum
September 2015

Mr. Josef Šimko, logistics manager at Miele Uničov plant gave speech at the Practical Logistics Forum on the experience with the human factor in

WMS implementation. Using specific examples he demonstrated how to eliminate errors, continually optimize logistics processes and fine-tune them. The team at Miele achieved significant productivity gains. This would not be possible without agile information system. Miele Uničov introduced PROCE55 applications for WMS control. The Practical Logistics Forum was organized by IPA Slovakia.
PROCE55 OEE in Indonesia is expanding
June 2015

The project of machine data collection and the production KPIs evaluation and visualization (including OEE) in TDK’s Indonesian plant is massively expanding.

Currently, the PROCE55 application maintains the on-line connection to more than 100 machines. This will soon be extended to more than 500 machines. The machine data collection devices (simplified PLCs) are assembled and delivered by East-Gate under the name X4PCAM. TDK in Batam manufactures thermistors and employs 1,500 workers.


Matador increases productivity of key machines
June 2015

Matador Automotive decided to extend PROCE55 OEE to other machines after the successful pilot project of production monitoring on two key machines.

PROCE55 OEE application connected to machines and SAP identifies outages and their causes and automatically triggers relevant alerts (signal lights, SMS, etc.) to notify the machine maintenance and handling staff to eliminate downtimes. As stated by the process engineer Jozef Polozsányi: "The solution allows to react more quickly to outages and enhance the effectiveness of equipment usage."


Miele continues with Scheduling
May 2015

Following the successful PROCE55 Warehouse implementation covering all logistic processes (goods receipt with quality control, controlled warehouses, external warehouses, semi-automatic warehouse management system

Toyota, production supply in Kanban mode on multiple lines), Miele Uničov production plant decided to implement PROCE55 Scheduling application. It allows planning the production order sequences for individual workplaces. The solution will be implemented in the second half of 2015, including integration with SAP.


East-Gate is a partner of the National Maintenance Forum
May 2015

East-Gate will support the15th international conference National Maintenance Forum with partnerships and lectures. The conference is attended by managers,

maintenance specialists, representatives of leading companies offering maintenance services, representatives of major companies from a wide range of sectors and other academic experts. EastGate will be represented by Ivan Gallo, who will point out the topic of Maintenance in the context of Industry 4.0, while Juraj Sabaka will lecture on PROCE55 integrated maintenance and production processes. The conference is held in the High Tatras during 2nd and 3rd of June 2015.


Mobile maintenance in Škoda Auto
April 2015

East-Gate is delivering the mobile maintenance solution for Škoda Auto (car maker). The PROCE55 mobile application enabled servicemen to use their tablet computers for mobile troubleshooting more effectively,

even during SAP downtimes. It allows for on-line access to the maintenance documentation for more productive maintenance implementation. The solution is closely integrated with the SAP PM module. The initial phase of the project covers all plants in Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny and Vrchlabí. Productive operation is scheduled for the second half of this year.


PROCE55 ensures traceability in Hanwha
March 2015

Korean company Hanwha Advanced Materials Europe has been using PROCE55 applications to ensure the full traceability. The project at the Frýdek-Místek factory covers goods receipt,

warehouse, manufacturing, shipping and barcodes. The solution is connected to the K2 ERP system. SAP integration is planned at a later stage. Full production use is planned for the second half of this year. The system integration and supply is covered by Ness Czech. Hanwha produces technical parts from expanded polypropylene EPP and high strength composite materials GMT. Its customers are major global automakers including Mercedes and BMW.


MES a WMS in Fatra
July 2014

Fatra, a.s. Napajedla, a major global processor of plastics belonging to the Agrofert group, implements MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and WMS (Warehouse Management System) systems.

The solution is based on the PROCE55 Manufacturing, Warehouse and OEE applications. The project includes the supply of Simatic control systems to collect data from the production lines and SATEC scaling systems. The goal of the project is to identify reserves, increase productivity and ensure traceability. The solution is integrated with the SAP ERP system, which is used in Fatra for business operations control. Productive operation launch is scheduled for the beginning of 2015.
Mobile data quality collection
September 2014

Embraco, the world leader in the manufacture of hermetic compressors, have introduced a mobile quality data collection at Spišská Nová Ves plant.

The solution uses PROCE55 Mobile platform and replaced the previously used paper forms. The quality control operators record the measured parameters of the production process through mobile terminals. Once the mobile network availability is detected, measured values are automatically transferred to Infinity, concern quality control system, where are subsequently evaluated (including SPC - Statistical Process Control). In addition to mobile data collection, Embraco uses also other PROCE55 applications, including warehouse management systems (WMS), barcode printing for suppliers and production supply in Kanban mode.
PROCE55 integrates the process aspects of quality with ERP
May 2014

East-Gate have implemented a solution in Austrian factory (in Deutschlandsberg) of the Japanese company TDK that seamlessly integrates professional quality management system Infinity

with the SAP system. TDK uses Infinity to evaluate the process quality parameters. PROCE55 connects them through virtual orders with production orders maintained in SAP. This solves the typical problem of business objects not complying with the process requirements for quality monitoring. Therefore, companies deploy professional systems for quality control, which also includes SPC (Statistical Process Control). However, they usually do not solve the integration of relevant objects in the economic software.
Warehouse Management System for Miele
May 2014

East-Gate implements the WMS project for Miele Uničov, manufacturer of highest class washing machines, dryers and dishwashers, which is a part of the German multinational group.

The project is based on the pre-configured PROCE55 Warehouse application and the productive operation launch is planned in the period of 3 months. The solution will be connected with a semi-automated warehouse system Toyota and the PROCE55 solution will be used also in the warehouses operated by external companies. The project also includes the production supply according to references, as well as Kanban and Milk-run. Miele uses the SAP economic system.
Production confirmation and traceability in Embraco
April 2014

East-Gate implements the project of production confirmation in the Slovak plant of the world's largest manufacturer of compressors Embraco, which is a part of the US corporation Whirlpool.

The solution replaces outdated group solution. It will be used on multiple production lines and through barcodes will record the batches and serial numbers of produced compressors. It will also link them with production orders and packages. This will ensure full traceability, which is a key requirement of Embraco’s customers. The solution is integrated with SAP.
Maintenance at KYB Manufacturing
March 2014

Japanese KYB Manufacturing, the world's largest manufacturer of automotive shock absorbers, decided to use PROCE55 Maintenance to manage the maintenance in two factories in the Czech Republic.

The solution will be integrated with the MFG/Pro ERP system, and the launch into productive operation is planned in the summer of 2014. Among major KYB clients belong Kolín based Czech car manufacturer TPCA, Suzuki and Renault. The portfolio also includes spare parts production for the whole of Europe.
Silgan choses PROCE55
March 2014

Silgan Metal Packaging, global manufacturer of metal packaging for food and chemical industry based in the USA, chose the PROCE55 solution for automation of production and logistics processes.

The first project is already being implemented at the Nové Mesto nad Váhom plant, covering the management, control system and production lines data recording. The solution is integrated with the corporate economic SAP system and with Simatic PLC on the level of production lines. PROCE55 Warehouse WMS system implementation is expected in the second half of the year. Solution roll-out to manufacturing companies in Europe and the Middle East is planned after the pilot project implementation.
Automated sending of approved purchase orders
March 2014

The PROCE55 ePR (Electronic Purchase Requisition) solution for electronic entry and ePR approval was extended by functionality of automated sending of approved orders to suppliers.

The first phase of the approval workflow cycle, which enables automated creation of purchase orders in SAP, was enhanced by automatic generating of documents - orders and their subsequent delivery. Relevant electronic signatures of authorized persons will be integrated in the process of document creating. There is also a possibility of SAP archive integration. Subsequently, the order is automatically sent to vendors via fax or email server. The solution is being used by automotive group Magna and tested by electronic group TDK in four production plants.
Atos becomes a partner of East-Gate
October 2013
PROCE55 Maintenance extends its functionality
October 2013

The functionality of PROCE55 Maintenance has been extended by management, control and planning of spare parts including their warehouse management.

Management of spare parts is often not maintained in SAP even in international concerns and therefore East-Gate have developed the related functionality in context of SAP PM module. Within the PROCE55 Maintenance it interconnects the automatic scheduling of maintenance orders with material requirements planning (MRP) of spare parts. The MRP outputs (requirements of spare parts) are then transferred to SAP, where based on this the purchase orders are created.
Pilot Asset Utilization solution
October 2013

East-Gate have successfully completed the evaluation of Asset Utilization pilot solution in the Indonesian plant of the Japanese electronics group TDK.

Among the most interesting features of the project belongs its possibility of both manual and automatic data collection (if the production line is equipped with the appropriate interface) and also it enables switching between these modes. The solution allows the navigation on different levels of aggregation and data display from a management dashboard to a detailed analysis of the downtime causes. OEE data is automatically collected in PROCE55 through MES controller device.
East-Gate in another Gartner report
May 2013

Gartner mentioned East-Gate in their report (May 2013) Liberate Your Business Processes From Your ERP With BPM for Agility as a case study for BPMS PROCE55 use in mission-critical processes.

For more information see the report: Liberate Your Business Processes From Your ERP With BPM for Agility (published 1 May 2013, ID: G00250658), More about Gartner:
Visualization of logistics at Embraco
March 2013

Embraco is using PROCE55 Warehouse to visualize logistics processes at Spišská Nová Ves plant.

Current status of the production supply, including the delivery accuracy evaluation and Kanban trains movements is shown real time on large screens placed in the warehouse. The goal of visualization is improving the accuracy of supply and reducing of errors.
Foil warehouse management in TDK
March 2013

East-Gate have delivered the extension of the foil warehouse management core processes for the TDK plant in Austria. The solution was implemented according to the specific requirements of TDK.

Since the SAP by default does not cover material management beyond the batch level, the processes were automated in PROCE55 Manufacturing. The solution is integrated with SAP.
QR Codes Natively in PROCE55
April 2013

East-Gate released the functionality of native using of QR codes in the PROCE55 BPM solution.

QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a two-dimensional bar code developed in Japan to satisfy the need for fast decoding. Most mobile phones and tablets with built-in cameras can decode QR codes and no other special device is needed to read it. This allows for extending of the business processes into areas where it was not previously possible due to the lack of technical equipment. Material tracking would be a good example of such an area.
Order Management Workflow
April 2013

Magna has launched a productive use of PROCE55 Workflow for approval of order requests for all materials

(including manufacturing and support ones) and services in its Austrian and Slovak plants. The solution flexibly supports frequent changes in the ordering processes, organizational structures and workflow. It is fully integrated with SAP. All the data necessary for establishing of purchase requirement (materials, vendors, etc.), advance payment (CO objects such as cost centers / contracts / projects) are automatically synchronized with SAP. After approval of order requirements in SAP a corresponding order or a delivery schedule is automatically created. Afterwards it is possible to monitor the evolution of these objects (i.e., from goods receipt to payment of invoices) using the new solution.
PROCE55 in China
April 201

After a successful implementation of PROCE55 Manufacturing in European plants (Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia) and Indonesia,...

the international electrotechnical concern TDK decided to implement the solution also in 2 factories in the Chinese city of Zhuhai (Guangdong Province). Production-level launch is scheduled by the end of 2013. The solution will be integrated with SAP.
Cloud Managed Logistics
April 2013

East-Gate delivers a complete logistics operations automation solution for a Slovak 3PL operator (Third Party Logistics).

The solution is unique for its ability to run in the cloud environment. For details visit www.East-Gate.euor follow the future releases of East-Gate Newsletter. .
New Office of East-Gate Automation s.r.o Bratislava
March 2013

East-Gate Automation and Productivity s.r.o. has shortened its name to East-Gate Automation s.r.o. starting from February 2013.

The newly registered office address is: Devínska cesta 1/3702, 841 04 Bratislava, Slovakia.