Recognizing the gap between the functionality offered by the ERP-like packaged suites and the real needs of manufacturing plants, triggered the establishment of East-Gate

This led to the idea to develop software that will allow automation of customer-specific process and easy integration with other systems. The solution complements robust but rigid ERP system, brings flexibility to customer and supports innovations while having a rapid return on investment.

Therefore East-Gate have developed PROCE55®, an innovative universal Business Process Management (BPM) solution used by companies for automation, integration and mobility of mission-critical processes in a rapidly changing business environment.

PROCE55 has no ambition to replace ERP system, but optimally supplement it. PROCE55 brings customer functionality that supports its agility, innovation and operational performance.

PROCE55 is easily integrated with other business applications, systems and technologies - from machines to enterprise applications like ERP.

Off-line mode allows the operation even if the ERP is not available.

Mobility is an integral feature of PROCE55 and processes can be controlled through a variety of devices, from PC via mobile terminals and tablets to smartphones.