We link our process and industry know how with the innovative technology

Privately-owned East-Gate was founded in 2005. Since its beginning, the company has provided products and services directly to its customers. With its history of profitable organic growth, East-Gate is extending its partner ecosystem and intends to continue its geographical expansion.

The founder of East-Gate and the architect of PROCE55 solution is Ivan Gallo. Before setting up East-Gate, Ivan worked for a number of years on the conceptual development of automation solutions for mission-critical processes, especially in the areas of manufacturing and logistics.

From mid-90’s, he was responsible for the implementation of standard ERP systems (SAP) for a major manufacturing firm in numerous factories in Central Europe. While leading these projects Ivan recognized the limits of the existing approaches.

Key employees of East-Gate have extensive academic and professional background in automation and information technologies, including a long experience with industrial automation, system integration, and with ERP implementation in manufacturing companies on both the provider’s and the customer’s side.

The international team of consultants and IT specialists is located within the region of Central Europe. In complex projects, East-Gate cooperates with partners bringing the necessary domain expertise as well as with global system integrators.


Ivan Gallo
CEO - Company Founder & Solution Architect

I dreamed of an ideal solution which would allow for rapid automation of end-to-end processes and integration of standard systems.

Foundation of East-Gate was a fulfillment of my dream, which I was having a few years ago when I worked as a consultant in large business re-engineering projects. Every time we experienced the same story. Our analytical team identified an opportunity for business process improvement but it was difficult or impossible to implement the necessary changes because of the inflexibility in the area of information technology. IT systems and solutions were standardized and integrated with a focus on fast and consistent financial operations, but this approach also caused loss of flexibility mainly in the area of company-specific solutions.

I dreamed of an ideal solution which would allow for rapid automation of end-to-end processes and system integration of any standard and legacy system in heterogeneous IT environment. The solution should support the analyst already in the discovery phase where detailed process specification is often missing or is weak. The solution should allow to model process flow, interaction with the resources and user interfaces; and all of this without any programming. The model should be intelligible for business people as well as for IT experts. Any time during modeling it should be possible to switch into run-time mode and test the ideas just developed.

Our dream came true and we created PROCE55, which manages and automates any business process. Large manufacturing companies rely on our solution with their mission-critical processes, and the number of our customers continues to grow. We steadily continue with further development of this general-purpose BPM solution, PROCE55.

Juraj Sabaka
Vice-President Sales and Marketing

I decided for East-Gate when I recognized the large potential of the PROCE55 solution and its benefits for customers.

After gaining my degree in cybernetics at Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, I worked for several years as a researcher in Information Technology Research Institute in Žilina.

After the Velvet Revolution (1989) I founded, together with my colleagues, and managed the company Varias. Within a few years we became the largest SAP partner on the Czech and Slovak market. The market of Czech and Slovak Republics became small for our more than 100 SAP consultants, and we implemented projects also in Austria, Italy, Poland, and Switzerland. Varias was a long-term SAP AG partner for preparing localized Slovak version of SAP, and we were also developing SAP add-on solutions.

I recognized the need to focus on increasing the efficiency of businesses and processes, so I decided to sell my share in Varias to Austrian EFP Holding AG, which later became a part of S&T conglomerate. As a co-owner and consultant in ReConsulting, I became a member of a team that worked on challenging re-engineering projects in large companies.

I joined East-Gate in 2008. When I had recognized the potential of the PROCE55 solution and its benefits for customers, my decision was a simple one. I am responsible for the business model of East-Gate and business activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Since 2002 I have been the president of Slovak IT Association, which unites the most important ICT companies in Slovakia. I am also the Vicepresident of National Union of Employers, the largest employer organization in the country.

I like to devote my free time to tennis, mountains, and skiing.


Boris Kalinin
CTO - Product and Technology

At East-Gate I focus on the development of PROCE55, especially the connectivity. I have extensive experience from international projects.

I studied computer science, English literature and linguistics. At East-Gate I focus on the development of PROCE55, especially the connectivity to external systems such as Siemens Simatic and PLC / OPC, as well as porting components of PROCE55 to mobile platforms (Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Android and Apple iOS).

I have extensive experience from international projects (region of Germany, Autria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Asia) in the field of document management systems (DMS/CMS/ECM and ECI), digital image and sound processing, print and pre-press technologies for large scale and high-end printing, publishing technologies, operating systems (Unix and GNU/Linux) including the Unix-based cluster technologies.

I have been involved in the development of a major language translation software technology, design and development of web-based CMS systems for the IT leasing contract management, and various DMS platforms for banking and finance. I specialize also in scripting languages, XML processing & communication, Win32/API, .net and C development. An integral part of my job is the continuous education and overall overview of the latest technology, mainly the open source.

People around me know my unconventional view of the surrounding world. In my spare time I compose music and sound effects for video games.

Tibor Beleš
CCO - Chief Commercial Officer

Adding my 23 years of global Oracle and SAP leadership experience to drive customer success and growth.



Leonhard Ferner
CFO - Finance and Legal

I contribute to the company team with my combined background in engineering and business.

I gained my degree in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering at Graz University of Technology. Later, I continued with MBA studies at Danube University Krems.

My industry experience spans 15 years and covers several international companies, including Philips, Haas Waffelmaschinen, and Nkt cables. At Nkt Cables I worked as a CFO. I also have the experience of working as a consultant in EFP Consulting, Dr. Kalaitzis & Partner, and EFM Consulting AG (Switzerland).

In addition, I work as a lecturer at a number of educational institutions, like HTL Mödling and FH Wiener Neustadt.