PROCE55 and SAP integration is based on standard SAP components and in accordance with the SOA principles. This ensures maximum performance and stability.

PROCE55 extends the reach of standard SAP ERP system into the real processes of a production plant. PROCE55 automates production and logistics processes in operation (shop-floor), mainly in the areas of production planning, production control, warehouse management, material flow management, maintenance, quality control and production reporting (KPIs). PROCE55 also integrates production lines, storage stackers and specific equipment and appliances used in the real-time production.

PROCE55 supports industry-specific processes, mainly in the areas of production, maintenance and logistics. These processes represent a competitive advantage for the customer and it is not possible to automate them using a standard software. Related standard business processes are implemented in the context of the standard SAP ERP system. All processes in the mentioned areas are seamlessly integrated with the SAP system using standard PROCE55 integration components.

From a technical perspective, integration of PROCE55 with the SAP system is based on RFC interface using standard SAP SDK. This ensures maximum performance and stability. Logically the interface consists of ABAP and Remote Function Modules (RFMs) that provide necessary data and/or manage transactions within the SAP system using standard SAP functions or BAPI, if possible.

Standard SAP functions are wrapped into optimized functional customer modules - services due to optimization and safety reasons (integrated data view, error processing, etc.). These services are managed through XML messages that are exchanged between PROCE55 core components and PROCE55 SAP connector. Service layer is in compliance with the principles of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

All solutions implemented using PROCE55 can be easily adapted to the changing business environment, because they are implemented by XML based modeling. This not only enables maximum flexibility and agility, but also a continuous improvement of processes. Model based solution also allows for easy adaptation to the specific needs of individual locations, which facilitates the localization and solution roll-out.

Based on the PROCE55 technology, we provide a pre-configured industry-specific solution to support the vast majority of business processes of a typical international manufacturing company. These processes have been developed in the real business environment of our customers and include industry best practices on how to extend the standard ERP solutions to support sector-specific processes and, if necessary, to mobilize them. These pre-configured solutions support mission-critical processes in real practice in large international corporations and therefore also have an excellent level of performance and efficiency, as well as operational stability and availability.

User interface, process flows, and application logic are within PROCE55 pre-configured solutions implemented on XML based modelling and they are independent on the interface with SAP. This structure allows for maximum flexibility in adapting the pre-configured solutions to real customer needs and requirements.